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How to Register and Bid

Each company using the Realty Webware auction system will have a different way of dealing with the bidders' registration process. You may decide to charge bidders a deposit or charge nothing at all. This is simply an example for demonstration purposes. Included in the price: we will update the text on this page for you and change the fields in the form for your needs. We can also integrate PayPal into the registration form for you for an additional fee.

Registering to participate in a live or online auction is a very easy process. Here are the simple steps we suggest:

Study the information available on the property. Start with the documents contained in the property documents link as well as the terms and conditions link available on our website.

Visit the property. The properties will be open for inspection prior to auction with the open hours listed on each property.

Arrange financing, if needed. Our properties are ordinarily sold for cash or new loan financing without any financing contingencies, so you'll want to have any needed financing arranged before the auction day.

Decide whether you wish to be represented by a real estate broker. If you do, be sure to have your broker register by the broker registration deadline for the auction. A Buyer / Broker Registration Form can be found below.


To bid on a property, go to the bidding page for the property that you wish to bid on, view the term and conditions, enter your ID, password, bid amount and submit your bid. An automatic bidding feature allows you to place a maximum bid and it will automatically adjust your bid to the winning bid amount in the stated bidding increment up to your maximum bid when you have been outbid by another bidder. The amount of your maximum bid is private from all other participants in the auction.

The winner will be notified via e-mail at the close of an auction.

The Bidder (Buyer) / Broker Registration Agreement     DOWNLOAD Now!
Agents MUST complete and return this Agreement to the Auctioneer 24 hours prior to the close of the auction. No oral registrations will be accepted. Download and print this document now!

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